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Dr. Dre Announces Plans To Run For 2016 Presidential Elections.

December 4, 2012

Washington DC – The United States presidential election of November 6th, 2012 ended as quickly as it began with current president Barack Obama winning himself another four years in the white house. Millions of Americans and people across the globe wondered what the future would hold for the US as they watched Obama’s electoral votes climb past 270 points, the amount needed for a victory.

By the following day Americans interest in Obama’s re-election had wained and now their wondering, “Whats next?” A new president will not take residence in the White House for another four years, and already potential candidates are coming forward with their interest in campaigning for the 2016 election.

Speculations of Paul Ryan and the more controversial, business mogul, Donald Trump running for the republican party have been circulating for awhile, but what about the Democrats? Andre Romelle Young, more commonly known by his stage name Dr. Dre, revealed to the press in an interview Monday that he plans to run for the presidential spot in 2016 as a Democrat.

The political world was taken back by such a claim, and even more so by what President Barack Obama said when asked for his opinion on Mr. Young. Obama told reporters that “The value of any man or women’s ideas cannot be judged on a person’s past or career, but should be judged by the integrity and content of their political views.” No republicans would comment on the situation

In Mr. Young’s press release he revealed to the public a few issues that would be addressed if he is elected as commander in chief. Among those discussed were reparations, marijuana legalization, and a radical new take on law enforcement has had the media buzzing with controversy.

Andre Young defended his stance on reparations stating that, “Every muthafucka needs a new Cadillac.” Furthermore when asked where he stood on the issue of marijuana prohibition he calmly replied, “Dre didn’t make millions by talkin’ shit on weed, and America won’t either.” He added, “The more green we grow, the bigger the dough.” Mr. Young gave few details regarding his plan to reform law enforcement, his only comment on the subject was abstract at best, saying “More crops, less cops.”

Just before the press release ended Young responded to his critics, who asked how a man with absolutely no political experience could run the country. His response, “Trillions of dollars in national debt, that’s political experience.”

The future of America is uncertain. What will the next four years hold in store for a falling empire? Will Obama salvage a wrecked country, or will “The Doctor” come to mend our wounds? The answers will come in time, but for now Andre Young believes putting Dr. Dre in the White House “Ain’t nothing but a Good Thang!”

– The Daily Informant

  1. More crops less cops… Classic

  2. I know that God will reveal (through his birth certificate) he IS in fact President Obama & so not eligible to take office. – D. Trump

  3. its nice to see more artists getting to know about politics haha
    By the way thanks for commenting on mine. I followed your blog for more enlightenment =]

  4. Haha, “More crops, less cops.” I like it.

  5. every muthafuka needs a new cadillac LMAOOO

  6. You’ve got some seriously funny stuff on this blog… Looking forward to seeing more. Thanks for following mine.

    • Thanks for the compliment. I like your “My crazy feline friend” post.

      Well, I like anything with cats in it. But that’s just me.

  7. trukerwyfe permalink

    I truly hope he is joking!!!! Dr. Dre a politician now that is scary. A mean a rapper turn politician leaves much to be desired.

    • But imagine the speeches Dre would give. Here’s hes acceptance speech:

      Dr. Dre be the name still running the game

      Still got it wrapped like a mummy
      Still ain’t tripping, love to see young blacks get money

      Spend time out the hood, take they moms out the hood
      Hit my boys off with jobs, no more living hard

      Barbeques every day, driving fancy cars
      Still gonna get mine regardless

      • trukerwyfe permalink

        LOL!!!! That was good and I can see him actually standing there rapping his speech for all of 5 min before someone trys to OFF him!!! The is a time and place and depending on how everything looks in 2016 I wouldn’t recommend him runing. Sorry but the republicians would assassinate him before they let him step foot in the white house.

  8. Reblogged this on Queer Landia and commented:
    On a lighter note….lol…

  9. I’m in the house for the Dre-man!

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