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World Restored To Order As Season 3 Of A Game Of Thrones Starts.

April 7, 2013
Game of Thrones

World. People everywhere, are celebrating as news pours in from around the world of possible world peace. President Obama confirmed that he’ll be withdrawing the troops from Afghanistan and bringing them home just in time for the beginning of Season 3 of a Game of Thrones. He said, “This is not the time for war; this is the time for watching fictional wars between delusional people who all think they have a claim to the throne.”

Elsewhere, protesters in Egypt, who have been opposed to President Mohamed Morsi’s rule, have agreed to stop protesting saying, “There is no time to protest, I don’t want to miss a single episode, but protests will continue as soon as season 3 ends.”

Surprisingly, even North Korea has agreed to stop building nuclear weapons. Jon Un of the House Kim, the First of his Name, King of the Mongols and the Khitan, Lord of the Seven Nuclear Missiles and Protector of North Korea had this to say, “I see a lot of myself in the boy king, Joffrey Baratheon, he would do well as Supreme Leader of North Korea.

When asked to comment on the sudden call for world peace, the author of the acclaimed series, George R. R. Martin had this to say, “This is the main reason I wrote the books. I create wars in a fake world to keep you entertained thus preventing you from starting wars in the real world.”

In other news, incest is on the rise. Researchers are unsure how this is related to the Game of Thrones TV series but said, “We have noticed an increase in cases of incest around the same time the show started, but it’s still unclear if it’s related, it could just be a coincidence.”

We’ll be bringing you more on the war of the seven kingdoms, the death of your favorite characters and the end of this fictional world as we know it.

– The Daily Informant.



  1. Reblogged this on clever nicknames and commented:

  2. I know my world peace has been restored now that I can watch all the cunning (though less cunnilingus this season…) and manoeuvrings of GoTs again. ^^

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I’ve truly loved surfing around your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  4. I love how Bran looked like he grew 2 years in a span of the few days they were running away from Winterfeld

  5. I, as a representative of the House Denmark, take full responsibility for the rising number of incest cases across the globe (as mentioned per April 7, 2013). What with Coster Waldau, 50% responsible (more or less) for 100% of the fictional incest taking place in Game of Thrones, being one ours, it seems like now is the right time to man up and accept aforementioned responsibility.

    We are deeply sorry and do hope to get this man under control again someday. The appropriate measures are being taken – limbs are being threatened.

    • Hey!!! Don’t talk about limbs. I haven’t got over that yet. He was one of the best swordsman in the 7 kingdoms.


        And they cut off his right hand. His RIGHT! Isn’t he right-handed in the show? That’s not just bullying. That’s SUPER-bullying.

  6. Perhaps the worsening times will continue the escalation of escape fiction for entertainment…it won’t be the first time… I think the GOT sponsor(s) owe you!

  7. Excellent post. Brought a smile to my mug. Thanks for visiting my blog “Wrantz” which is not in your class.

  8. I really enjoyed reading this. 😀 Very well written.

  9. Andrew permalink

    Was the pun intentional…?

    “We have noticed an increase in cases of incest…but it’s still unclear if it’s related…”

    Either way, I chuckled.

  10. As if it wasn’t enough that ‘Summer is coming’ now I’ll have to find a place to stash all my long swords, cudgels, bows, arrows and armour as well as the furs and leather do dahs and thingemy bobs. Ah well at least World Peace will be a good excuse for me to go around scantily clad. Now I understand why Beauty Queens are so obsessed with the concept.

  11. I am all for world peace! Love Game of Thrones~

  12. haha word. Will GOT play a role in silencing this annoying Gay Marriage debate too?

  13. If only that was all it took 🙂

  14. Hell Yes! My favourite show 😀

  15. I hate Game of Throne! However my family love it. I have also seen box sets of it by the blue-ray. Love Monday night here Game of Thrones will be on and I am not allowed to talk. That said your blog is very good. I may not like GOT but I appreciate good writing.

  16. BehindMyBooks permalink


  17. My favourite Show, as Long as Lena Headey aka Queen Incest doesn’t get killed off. Obama made the right call.

  18. LOL….can’t abide by Game of Thrones but…in the name of world peace…. 😉

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