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The Daily Informant is a website featuring the latest news events from around the world. Some would say that the stories are fake, and I say those people should be shot. The news events featured on The Daily Informant are indeed true, just not yet. But they will be, when they happen.
Now it’s all just a matter of waiting. In the meantime, check out the latest headlines and feel what it’s like to see into the future.
The Daily Informant
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  70. I have had similar experiences, for instance, when the pair of pandas arrived in Scotland, I announced that there had been a special panda clan tartan designed for them. Well, not a week later, I read a news story about how the Scottish pandas had their own tartan! (For the record, I liked mine better, white bamboo on a black field…their’s was much more…um…”tartan-y”)

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