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The Easter Bunny Assaulted By Bugs Bunny.

February 19, 2011
Bugs Bunny, Easter Bunny, Eggs, Rabbits

Las Vegas – A huge fight broke out between the Easter Bunny and his arch enemy Bugs Bunny late last night at a 5-star restaurant at Caesars Palace.

It was rumored that the altercation started after Bugs Bunny called the Easter Bunny a fraud.

This is the third time this year that Bugs has been in trouble with the law. Earlier this year he was caught shoplifting carrots at Walmart.

In recent years, a lot of people have been angered by the Easter Bunny getting the most attention during the Easter holidays. The holiday is supposed to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ instead people paint eggs and hide them in the garden.

According to the Easter Bunny’s website, he’ll be going on tour during the Easter holidays performing some of his favorite songs. There has been talks about Jesus making a Guest appearance but it hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The Easter Bunny has been all over the news recently after an anonymous source claimed that Russell Brand is the Easter Bunny.

He was also booed off stage after claiming that he could lay Easter eggs. In an interview with MTV he dispelled the rumors saying ” Warner Brothers is making a movie about my life and I asked Russell to play me in the movie.”

We’ll keep you updating on this story during the Easter Holidays. Stay safe during the holidays.

– The Daily Informant

  1. Your writing style is indeed reminiscent of the onion, which I also read regularly. Thank you for making me laugh today đŸ™‚

  2. Ok, when is The Onion going to hire you??!

  3. wow! you been here this long? i’m glad you found me so i could find you i ♥ your blog!!

  4. Hope this does not happen this year. I just want to enjoy my holidays while eating carrots dipped in chocolate.

  5. Man, the Easter Bunny’s most recent album SUCKED. What happened? He used to be so steampunk/grindcore/doom metal. Now he sounds like the latest paint-by-numbers Nickelodeon-produced tween pop star.

    I think Bugs is jealous because he has maintained his artistic integrity and only sells about 1/20th the amount of albums. He’s also got a heroin problem.

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